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Customers wishing to subscribe to TSPAdvisor.com may make subscription payments using one of the following payment methods:

a) Payments Made Using the US Postal Service:  TSP Advisor customers wishing to pay by money order, certified check or personal check (no cash please) may do so by downloading and filling out a hard copy of the �customer mail-in� form located on this link Subscribe By Mail and mailing it with payment to:  TSP Advisor Inc., 2811 Stonestown Drive, Charleston, South Carolina 29414.  Please make checks payable to TSP Advisor Inc.  You will receive your TSP Advisor User ID and password by email within 24 hours of receipt of payment, except when payment is made by personal check. User ID and password will be emailed within 48 hours after personal checks have cleared. 

b) Payments Made Online: TSP Advisor customers wishing to pay online by major credit card or e-check must click this link, Subscribe Online. Once you click this link, you can expect the following: 

Special Note: On 12/31/22 TSPAdvisor Will permanently close; thus, the last dates for submitting a new or recurring restriction that will be accepted is as follows: 30 November for Monthly Subscriptions, 30 September for Quarterly subscriptions, and 1/4/22 for annual subscriptions. and subscription acceptance dates will change as the year progressesYou will be redirected to a page on this site which contains three Pay Pal subscribe buttons, one each for the monthly, quarterly and annual TSPAdvisor.com subscription rates. Select the subscription rate you wish to use, and then hit the Pay Pal subscribe button adjacent to the rate you selected.

Upon hitting the Pay Pal subscribe link, you will be redirected to a Pay Pal Company link.  Here you�ll be prompted to log into your Pay Pal account (if you don�t have an existing account, you must establish your Pay Pal account by following the instructions at the top of the page).  After logging in, the Pay Pal page will show the details of the payment you�re about to make, as well as the details of the subscription. So you may make future payments for your TSP Advisor subscription, you will be prompted to add a credit card, enter your email address and password, creating your new Pay Pal account.

Next you will be taken to a confirmation page containing the details of your subscription and information about how your automatic payments will be funded.  You press the �Pay� button to complete payment. Then you are taken to a confirmation page where you see the details of your successful transaction.

You are also given your assigned TSPAdvisor.com User ID for your subscription and the TSP Advisor customer service e-mail address.  Your final step is to press the �Continue� link where you will be returned to the TSP Advisor Home page. 

After completing this transaction, you will receive an email receipt confirming your subscription, including a copy of the subscription terms and payment details and instructions for obtaining your TSPAdvisor.com password.