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ABOUT TSPAdvisor.com

TSPAdvisor.com is a privately owned website launched in March 2003. TSPAdvisor.com is not affiliated with the official government Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), or the TSP government web site (tsp.gov).  TSP Advisor products and services are made available to all TSP participants by subscription to TSPAdvisor.com.

TSP Advisor provides predictions for which TSP Fund will have a positive return in the future, and provides a strategy for determining what percentage of your TSP account funds to place in each prediction. Predictions are posted on the TSPAdvisor.com web site subscription page immediately after they are produced. 

TSP Advisor monitors daily TSP Fund share price movements.  When significant share price movements are confirmed by technical analysis to constitute  new emerging TSP investment opportunities, TSP Advisor immediately notifies subscribers by sending them an alert email. Alert emails provide subscribers timely notification of the emerging opportunity and contain proposed TSP Fund buy/sell transactions necessary to capture it.

When subscribers receive a TSP Advisor Alert Email, they evaluate and select predictions for implementation. After checking with their personal financial advisors, subscribers implement their selections by going online to the TSP official web site (tsp.gov) and making the appropriate interfund transfers in their personal TSP account.

Full implementation of all TSP Advisor predictions and proposals are tracked in the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio, which serves as the basis for measuring TSP Advisor prediction accuracy and profitability.  To review TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio's historical prediction accuracy data, hit this link,  Prediction Accuracy.   To review the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio's Return On Investment (ROI) data, hit this link ROI Results.  For answers to frequently asked questions about TSPAdvisor.com, hit this link FAQ.  To review TSPAdvisor.com "Privacy Policy" statement, hit this link Privacy Policy. To review TSPAdvisor.com terms of use policy, hit this link "Terms Of Use" .  To learn how to get started using TSPAdvisor.com, hit this link Getting Started Using TSPAdvisor.com.