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Getting Started Using TSPAdvisor.com

In order to get started using TSPAdvisor.com predictions, you must take the following actions:

A.      Establish Required Capabilities:

1)      You must have access to on-line computer capability.  Online computer capability is required to facilitate timely TSP interfund changes in your personal TSP account (requests made by letter/telephone are too slow).

2)      You must establish online access to your personal TSP account.  This is accomplished by you obtaining your personal TSP customer identification number as instructed on the official government TSP site (tsp.gov).

3)      You must be a subscriber to the TSP Advisor web site to obtain access to TSP Advisor predictions.  Subscription payments can be made on line or by sending them through the US Postal service mail.  For TSPAdvisor.com terms, subscription rates and methods of payment, hit this link Terms, Subscription Rates and Methods Of Payment.  For specific instructions on how to subscribe to TSPAdvisor.com, hit this link How To Subscribe.

4)      Subscribers are provided with a TSP Advisor User ID and password.   User ID and password are used in the login procedure for accessing the TSPAdvisor.com secure web page, where the latest TSP investment predictions are posted.  At the beginning of the login process, you will be asked to indicate your agreement with the TSP Advisor "Terms Of Use"  statement.  Those indicating their agreement with the "Terms Of Use" statement will be allowed to continue by entering their User ID and password and gain access to the secure subscription page.  Those declining to agree with the "Terms Of Use" statement will not be allowed to continue the login process and will be routed back to the TSP Advisor main page.


B.     Evaluate And Implement TSP Investment Predictions:

1)      Determine Which Fund To Buy.   TSP Advisor monitors daily TSP Fund price movements to determine which are technically significant.  When significant price movements are noted, TSP Advisor issues a TSP Advisor Alert Email to subscribers. TSP Advisor Alert Emails notify subscribers of new emerging TSP investment opportunities and proposes applicable TSP buy/sell transactions necessary for capturing the new opportunities.  Upon receipt of a TSP Advisor Alert Email, subscribers should evaluate and select the TSP Fund predictions they desire to implement after checking with their personal financial advisor. The current TSP Advisor predictions issued by the latest TSP Advisor Alert Email  are also listed in the Latest TSP Advisor Predictions table, Table-A located on the TSPAdvisor.com  Subscription page. Predictions remain in effect until changed by a future TSP Advisor Email.

2)  Determine How much to put in each fund selected for investment.   

     a)  The TSP Advisor Funding Allocation Strategy may be used to determine the percentage of personal TSP account funds to be invested in each predicted fund selected for implementation, or subscribers may use their own personal strategies to determine funding amounts that may be more in line with their personal risk tolerance.  Proposed funding allocation percentages for each new prediction are developed using this strategy and are also posted on the Latest TSP Advisor Predictions table which is located on the subscription web page.

    b)  The  TSP Advisor Funding Allocation Strategy is defined as follows: 

         1)  When only one variable fund is predicted to have a positive ROI in the near future, 100% of account funds are recommended to be placed in the predicted fund. 

          2) If two or more variable stock funds are predicted to be positive at the same time,  a percentage of your TSP account fund is recommended to be invested in each predicted stock fund.  Percentages are calculated using proprietary moving average formulas.

          3) The Bond Fund is only funded when it is the only variable TSP fund predicted, in which case it is funded 100%.   If the Bond fund is predicted at the same time other TSP stock fund(s) are predicted, the Bond fund prediction is ignored and not funded.

          4) When neither the Bond or any stock fund is predicted, a high market risk period is indicated and 100% of your TSP account funds is recommended to be placed in the Government Securities (G) Fund to preserve your TSP investment capital during these periods. TSP Advisor provided funding allocation percentages are  posted on the TSP Advisor Secure Subscription page and are contained in each TSP Advisor Alert Email.

     c)  Use Of TSP Advisor Funding Allocation Strategy is voluntary. Subscribers may choose to use the TSP Advisor provided Funding Allocation strategy, a multiple of it or they may choose to use their own personal funding strategy  for determining the amount of their TSP account funds to put in each TSP Advisor prediction they select for implementation. 

3)  Implement Your  Investment Selections:   Subscribers implement their selected predictions by going online to tsp.gov and making inter-fund transfers in their personal TSP accounts corresponding to their selections.  Experience has shown that TSP Fund share prices can vary significantly in one day.  This price volatility can result in increased purchase or decreased sell prices for the investor, both of which decrease profits; thus, it is recommended you review, select and implement  TSP Advisor predictions  by making interfund transfers in your personal TSP account as soon as possible after receiving a TSP Advisor Alert Email  notification. 

4)  Repeat paragraph B above each time a TSP Advisor Alert Email is received.


C. TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio

1) Purpose:  The purpose of the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio is to provide a basis for determining TSP Advisor prediction accuracy and cumulative return on investment (ROI) results for each calendar year.

2) Definitions:

     a) TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio:

           (1) TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio Definition:  A simulated  TSP Investment Scenario used to measure the accuracy of TSP Advisor predictions and profitability when all TSP Advisor predictions  in the applicable calendar year are fully implemented in a timely manner.  The TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio begins with an initial $10,000 simulated investment at the first day of each calendar year and runs through the end of that calendar year.  No additional funds (other than earnings) are added during the period.

          (2) TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio format provides for a quick  comparison of TSP Advisor's and subscribers' actual ROI values:  The initial investment of $10,000 in the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio makes it easy for TSP participants to do a quick comparison of their personal TSP account cumulative return on investment value (ROI) to that earned in the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio over the same time period.  Simply multiply the number of $10,000 dollar multiples in your account at the beginning of the period by the cumulative ROI% gained by the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio at the end of the period.

     b) Measurements:  The following measurements are used in the TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio:

          (1) Prediction Accuracy:  The percentage of months or quarters in a period  that had a positive monthly ROI value out of all months/quarters in the measurement period.

          (2) Cumulative Return On Investment percent value (ROI%):  The cumulative return on investment of the TSP Advisor Portfolio which is calculated by compounding daily profits from share price gains/losses over two periods:  calendar quarter period and the "Since TSP Advisor's Inception (5/1/01)" period.

          (3) Effective Date:  The date that the TSP Advisor Portfolio TSP buy and sell transactions become effective.  Effective date shall be the same day TSP Advisor Alert email is issued if it is issued prior to 8:00 AM central time on a non-national holiday business day, otherwise effective date shall be the next non-holiday business day the national markets are open.

     c) Measurement Period:  A time period consisting of a specific number of months or quarters  that is used for calculating and reporting ROI and Prediction Accuracy measurement values.  Three (3) measurements periods are used by TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio as follows:

               (1) Proof Of Concept Period:  An 18-month test period beginning 1 May 2001 and running through 31 October 2002.  During this period, a  Proof Of Concept (POC) test was conducted and cumulative ROI and Prediction Accuracy values were calculated and evaluated to verify the TSP Advisor prediction concept would provide for successful TSP investment guidance.  Test results revealed TSP Advisor predictions to be highly accurate and capable of providing high ROI results, thus TSPAdvisor.com was launched in March 2003.

               (2)  Year To Date (YTD) Period:   A period of current calendar year quarters beginning the first day of the calendar year and going through the previous  quarter.  TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio cumulative ROI values are reported quarterly for this period and provide a short term investment view.

               (3)   Since 5/1/2001 Period:  A period that begins 5/1/2001 and runs through the current year's previous quarter.. TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio Cumulative ROI and Prediction Accuracy values are calculated and reported quarterly  for this period and provide more of a long term investment view.  The date 5/1/2001 is used as it is TSP Advisor's inception date.

        d) Reporting Requirements:  TSP Advisor Investment Portfolio cumulative  Prediction Accuracy and ROI values are reported each quarter on the TSPAdvisor.com  links  Prediction Data  and  TSP Investment Alternatives´┐Ż ROI Data.